Pesonal Accident


Personal Accident

PA Insurance covers insured from the cause of accident (External Factor) upon him/herself 24 hours in an agreed period of the schedule, e.g. in 1 year or on the trip

Scope of cover / Extended Coverage

  • Death, Permanent disability and medical benefits of the accident
  • Poisoning caused by inhaling poisonous gas
  • Infected by virus or disease caused by accident of falling to the water
  • Death by drowned

Exclusion Coverage

  • Sports Activity
  • Accident when insured involved in a crime act
  • Suffer Illness such as: Hernia, Epilepsy, and Heat Stroket
  • On military duty

Insurance Application Procedure

  • Direct
    Insured fill the Insurance Application Form/SPPA (Surat Permintaan Penutupan Asuransi)
  • Agen
    Contact Our Agent
  • Broker
    Contact Our Broker

Claim Procedure

In a matter of Insured claiming Loss in accordance to this Policy, Insured must

  • Fill claim report form which provided by insurer and submitted to the Insurer
  • Submit a copy of the policy and hand in the news report or Letter of Statement about the loss event or the damage
  • Submit a report with complete detail in sincere from his/her knowledge about the cause and reason for the loss event
  • Giving relevant and reasonable Explanation and other Evidence as required by the Insurer

Complaint Procedure

Contact the information service center listed on the website
The insured is obliged to provide data in accordance with the actual conditions.